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  • Líkið Geimfari

    Líkið Geimfari

    Software Engineer: Python, Erlang and JS.

  • ofer shmueli

    ofer shmueli


  • shruti kuber

    shruti kuber

  • Russel Clifford

    Russel Clifford

  • Allen Helton

    Allen Helton

    I work in the cloud with a strong focus on serverless and API lifecycle. Pushing the limits on API design, standardization, and automation.

  • Patrick Kalkman

    Patrick Kalkman

    I write and design software. I love to learn and teach. I am an Open-Source and Agile enthusiast.

  • Dario Mancini

    Dario Mancini

  • Lukasz Raczylo

    Lukasz Raczylo

    • Experienced *Ops consultant • Aspergers is my superpower • Enjoys writing on Medium and making things work • Three decades with IT • Dozens of technologies •

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