What happens when you search for a kitten (on the Internet). Part 1: DNS or where to find the server

It all starts with a dream

Part 1: DNS or where to find the server

Browser, the window into the world wide web

Let’s talk about our privacy

The server can require using HTTPS
Example of a warning in Chrome, that the connection is not secure

Finding the address

DNS, the Yellow Pages of the web

Talking to the neighbours

Stops on the way to finding the server’s IP address.

Stop #0: Resolver

DNS resolver will find server’s IP address on our behalf

Stop #1: Root name server

List of all public root name servers. Taken from https://www.iana.org/domains/root/servers
DNS server will contact root name server in order to get address of top-level domain server

Stop #2: Top-level domain

DNS server will contact top-level domain server in order to find authoritative name server

Stop #3. Authoritative name server

Authoritative name server will provide the IP address of petfinder.com



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Olena Kutsenko

Olena Kutsenko

Software engineer, who is passionate about agility and sustainable software development achieved through simplicity, technical excellence and good design.