What happens when you search for a kitten (on the Internet). Part 2: TCP or how not to lose the data on the road

A picture of a chicken divided into segments
Unrecognisable angry chicken
The client will confirm reception of the segments and will notify the server if data is missing
  1. Client sends synchronise (SYN) message to the server containing a random number (N)
  2. Server replies to the client with a message containing an acknowledgement (ACK) set to N + 1. Server also adds another SYN value equal to a random number (M)
  3. Client in turn sends an acknowledgement message with value set to M+1. Yes, introductions on the Internet are weird
TCP three-way handshake



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Olena Kutsenko

Olena Kutsenko

Software engineer, who is passionate about agility and sustainable software development achieved through simplicity, technical excellence and good design.